Pocket Peelers
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Fundraising Made Fun, Simple and Easy

Our mission is to assist non-profit groups in southeastern Wisconsin raise much needed funds with a quality product possessing great value for the consumer. The following core values will be reflected in our everyday activity: • Dedication to service • Treating everyone with respect and as valued customers • Conducting ourselves ethically, honestly and with integrity • It’s a Win Win Win situation. Your group wins, your customer wins, the merchant wins with traffic. The Truth Is... Not every fundraiser is fun. It all depends on the amount of effort expended for the dollar earned. The fact is that most products sold for fundraising dollars are items you can buy just about anywhere including gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Frozen pizza, candy, popcorn, coffee, cookies, fruit, gift wrap...it’s everywhere. When the truck arrives with the ordered goods you better be there with a crew and a place to distribute or even refriderate it. Sometimes you have to deal with the sellers that don’t show at the pick up date and time. Quick Facts • Pocket Peelers sell for $10.00 • 32 Buy-One-Get-One-Free offers or special discounts at various local merchants • Continuous bonus discounts on the back • People get their money back in 1 to 3 redemptions • The card is valued at over $200.00 in redeemable offers to the consumer • The merchant offers are valid at all participating locations throughout the featured county • Two available print run options – September and March