[Your Organization] [Your Case] Fundraiser

Putting the Fun Back in Fundraising

Your Organization Fundraiser With Pocket Peelers
Dear Friends and Family, [Your Organization] is raising money to help us pay for [Your Cause] and we need your help! What is a Pocket Peeler? It is a coupon book you carry in your wallet and it contains 32 mini peel-off buy-one-get-one free offers or special discounts of places we all go to. Best of all, you get your $10 back in 1 to 3 uses. Do you go to any of these places?
Using 1 Ace coupon or 2 Rocky Rococo coupons or 1 Cousins coupon, your $10 “contribution” to help with my class trip is paid for. It’s truly a win-win situation. The coupons are good everywhere in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties until 3/31/2016. There is also a Racine/Kenosha  card available.
So please help me earn money for [Your Cause] while you save lots of money. They make great gifts. Simply reply to sender with your order. Thanks for reading this and considering our Pocket Peelers fundraiser.
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